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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Really the fastest Bentley ever

Bentley Continental GT Speed
The Bentley Continental GT Speed is really the fastest Bentley ever and that’s very fast indeed as this review points out.

Take a look at the power and torque charts and you’ll see that not one scrap of driveability has been sacrificed: the new lines mirror those of the old GT, yet both take a sizeable hike north. When Eichorn suggests Bentley is ‘the last muscle-car builder’ it’s hard to argue.

The result is a compelling and utterly addictive car. The GT Speed’s mighty W12 emits a fabulously purposeful yet understated rumble when roused, and throws you down the road in epic fashion.

‘Relentless’ doesn’t do the way this car accelerates justice: indeed from 187mph (300km/h) it gains speed twice as fast as the standard GT, itself hardly a slug. Unsurprisingly its ability to crush even mountainous inclines into submission, or simply pin you to the seat is awe-inspiring. Yet it’s also happy to potter quietly through towns and villages, slurring through the smooth six-speed ZF automatic transmission in relaxed, effortless style.

Considering the almighty performance available, the way in which the GT Speed seduces you is surprisingly subtle. So adept is it at moulding to your mood, it ups the ante and cools the pace so imperceptibly you’d swear it reads your mind.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Source: Evo