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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Reviewed

Bentley Continental GT Speed
We found a nice review of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Settling into the diamond-quilted leather, among tactile knurl-finish metalwork, is an event. A new smaller steering wheel adds intimacy, and, although this is a coupe, you do sit relatively high and never lose sense of the weight. Still, if anything can keep it all in check, a combination of AWD, adaptive self-leveling air suspension, and bespoke 275/35×20 Pirelli PZero tires should do the trick. So they do. There’s a pleasing accuracy to the steering and even some newfound road feel. Body control is excellent, even if all-out agility isn’t. It’s a commandingly easy car to drive quickly in all conditions-and have fun with. The ESP has an unobtrusive sport mode: use it, and you can brake deep into a curve, then deploy all that torque to ease the back end wide as you catapult away down the straight.

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Source: Motor Trend