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Bentley: Limit of 30 cars for India

Bentley has announced a limited production of 30 cars for India. So, if you want one, you should better hurry up!

Super premium luxury car brand Bentley India has earmarked 30 units of its total global capacity to India.

“As of now, we can’t increase our allocation of 30 units because we have a limited capacity.

However, if we do plan to in the future, I think we can easily double the allocation to 60 units.” The company also plans to launch Brooklands in India which will be priced around Rs 4 crore. Bentley has already received one booking from India.

“The Indian super premium luxury car market has been growing fast. But you have to look at the tax structure for imported cars,” he said. In the past, Mr Gorusch has said that Bentely is keen on developing a used-car market in the country to cater to the growing demand for affordable luxury cars.

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Source: India Times