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Bentley: Report from Bentley Driving Day

During the Bentley Driving Day you will learn how to drive a Bentley really, really fast. Here’s the report, please check the videos!

Bentley holds these courses for folk who’ve just bought a Bentley and want to know how to drive them (or want their chauffeur to know…), people who are thinking of buying one, charity competition prize winners, and others on a strictly by-invitation only basis.

Overall, the Bentley Driving Day is a most enjoyable experience. While it teaches you how to handle situations you are unlikely to encounter, the fact that it equips you with certain new skills is invaluable in building up confidence to drive fast but competently. Am I a better driver for it? I think so. I will go on using ‘the force’ like everyone else, but next time I find myself hurtling down the autobahn approaching a stationary Scania – or a wandering elk – I will have a much better idea of what to do.

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Source: MSN