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Gumpert Apollo S: Driving Report

Gumpert Apollo S
If you are a long-time reader of The German Car Blog you know that we are huge fans of the Gumpert Apollo S. That’s why we want to share a nice driving report with you! Please also check the video below.

If you’re a driver rather than a poseur, the Apollo’s promise of speed has a magnetic beauty of its own. You swing up the Apollo’s surprisingly heavy door, then drop yourself into the seat, grabbing the cutout in the roof to help you across the high sill that obstructs the doorway. Just like a racing car, the Apollo has a detachable steering wheel to simplify the whole process.

The seat (or what passes for a seat) is in fact a padded racing shell. It’s fixed directly to the carbon-fiber safety cell that surrounds the cockpit, which itself is at the heart of a tubular space frame that forms the Apollo’s chassis. Fortunately the pedals and the steering wheel are easily adjusted, so you can get surprisingly comfortable surprisingly quickly. If you’re tall or broad, though, you’ll realize that the Apollo is a purebred performance car and not some luxury coupe in disguise like a Pagani Zonda or Porsche Carrera GT.

A mix of clean, simple ergonomics and familiar Audi switchgear, the Apollo’s cabin trades flamboyance for function. There’s a lot to pack into such a compact dashboard, yet everything from the display panel for the Racelogic stability control to the pop-out Pioneer satellite navigation system is well integrated and easy to operate.

Gumpert Apollo S
Gumpert Apollo S

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Source: Inside Line