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Lamborghini Gallardo: How to drive it without buying it

Lamborghini Gallardo
We found an interesting business concept from a company where you can buy some drivetime with supersportscars for $5.000 and you basically get a full day of fun.

After a breathless acceleration run in a Lamborghini Gallardo, a giddy Manny Lagasca spits out an implausible explanation for how the banana-yellow supercar could manage such blinding performance.

“You think there is a monster behind your car,” he blurts. “It’s just awesome.”

Normally, a $180,000 speed demon like the Gallardo would be out of reach for a 39-year-old Silicon Valley software developer like Lagasca. In fact, dealers rarely let potential buyers whip an exotic sports car around the block, much less swoop up to 130 miles an hour on straightaways.

But for $5,000 each, Lagasca and five other enthusiasts spent a day behind the wheel of the Lambo and other hot cars at the California Speedway about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. They wound through gears, stomped gas pedals and tackled twisty turns in the supercars of their dreams.

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Source: USA Today