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Lamborghini Reventon: Test driving report

Lamborghini Reventon
We found a test drive report of the Lamborghini Reventon. Having seen that car yesterday at the Tokyo Motor Show I can only pay my full respect to every guy who ever had a chance to handle this beast. Awesome car!

I’ve driven a few expensive cars in my time but the Lamborghini Reventon is not just an expensive car – it’s THE expensive car.

It’s truly the most terrifying, awe-inspiring car I’ve ever sat in. The sheer audacity of its conception – the fact that it means Lamborghini doesn’t think the Murcielago is quite enough to convey the essence of its DNA – makes it an astonishing feat.

The people who built this car are fanatics. They will never surrender to commercial constraint or political pressure. They are purists, and the Reventon is pure.

With an explosion of power and a violent lurch I haven’t experienced since my first driving lesson, I fire the Reventon off the line – the first mortal to get a steer in what will have become, quite literally, a museum exhibit in Lambo’s Sant’Agata HQ by the time you read this.

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Source: TopGear