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Porsche Boxster: A female review

Porsche Boxster
Here’s a nice review of the Porsche Boxster from a female point of view. Interesting read and quite uncommon still in our industry.

So to kick-start me off, the Porsche Boxster arrived thankfully not in red but a very subtle Meteor Grey metallic paint and I have to admit, my heart began to melt. This is a car with real ‘cool’ status leaving the neighbours with lockjaw as they gazed in wonderment and my street cred went though the roof.

Enough talking now, lets get driving. And as this beauty burst into life, I fell in lust. Who needs a man when you have a Porsche Boxster? The result was, I did not do any work last week except ‘research’ as I drove this car all day and every day.

I now declare my self a Porsche convert.

Welcome to the club!

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Source: Female First