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Porsche Boxster: Reviewed

Porsche Boxster
Here’s a nice review of the Porsche Boxster.

Memorable cars push emotional buttons, and the Boxster has done that since it first appeared as a stunning concept back in 1993. Largely an homage to Porsche’s iconic 550 Spyder, the mid-engined show car set tongues wagging and ultimately made its debut in toned-down form as a ’97 model. Since then, the car has subtly changed its appearance, gained power in both the base and “S” models, and spawned the delectable Cayman coupe. The icing on the proverbial cake is that it’s attainable — not inexpensive compared to some other cars in its class, but certainly not outlandishly priced, either. Most drivers are more likely to catch a unicorn in their backyards than park a real 550 Spyder in their garages, but thanks to Porsche, the modern equivalent can definitely be had.

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Source: Autoblog