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Porsche Cayenne: Carmela Soprano’s ride up for Sale

Porsche Cayenne
If you are a fan of The Sopranos, consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity: Carmela Soprano’s Porsche Cayenne is up for sale and it goes to charity. Check the details by clicking on the “read more” link below. In the meantime, you can see the car in this video as well. Enjoy!

In 2005, Porsche donated this Cayenne to The Soprano’s show for Tony to
give to Carmela. Now that the series has ended, Porsche and the Andre
Agassi’s Charitable Foundation are auctioning it off for a children’s
charity this coming Saturday, October 6, in Las Vegas. All proceeds will
go to the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation (
http://www.agassifoundation.org/grand_slam.html). The Cayenne also includes
a signed name plate from Edie Falco (Carmela Soprano) and James Gandolfini
(Tony Soprano).

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Source: Carmela’s Cayenne, thanks to Josh for the tip