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Porsche Panamera: First spy shots of the interior

Porsche Panamera
Here are the first interior spy shots of the upcoming Porsche Panamera. I just hope that some buttons will be removed in the production version, currently it looks like a Lexus cockpit.

Here we have what are believed to be the first interior shots of Porsche’s four-door coupe, and what they show is a domicile that’s one-part Porsche and one-part electronics store. Seriously, it looks like a Best Buy threw up on the dash. The center console is dominated by a big navi screen that’s surrounded by tiny buttons – so German. Below that is something we can’t quite make out. It looks like the HVAC controls with two large but flat knobs flanking a small display. Though the pics are blurry, you can clearly make out red and blue lines, which usually indicate hot and cold temperatures on an HVAC system. The gauges themselves appear to be the same as those found in other Porsches like the Cayenne, with two large gauges for the tach and speedo that frame a smaller information display. Two more smaller gauges hang out on either side, as well.

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Source: Autoblog