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Porsche Panamera: New spy shots!

Porsche Panamera
We have new spy shots of the Porsche Panamera for you. Enjoy!

And it seems that Stuttgart’s stylists are experimenting with a further evolution of Porsche’s family face.

This artist’s impression strips away the disguise from the latest spyshots, and we can see that a new ellipsoidal lens design is planned for the Panamera. Beneath the tear-shaped main headlamps lies a pair of LED day running lights (like on the 911 Turbo) incorporating the indicators.

It also appears that the Panamera will get a pair of Jaguar-style gills just aft of the front wheelarches. With Porsche’s focus on engineering purity above posing, you’d hope these are functioning to cool the front-engined V8 engines, rather than merely showing off.

Porsche Panamera

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Source: Car Magazine