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VW: Adding 12 new models and reducing prices

VW will add 12 new models to their line-up and reduce the prices for their models in the US.

Volkswagen plans to offer models more by the “US taste” meaning cheaper ones. The Jetta starts at about $17,000 in the U.S., while the Passat starts for roughly $23,900.

Between now and 2010, Volkswagen plans to add 12 models to its global lineup. The company is keen on launching more vehicles in new segments, such as a new compact sport-utility vehicle called the Tiguan. Mr. Winterkorn said much of the sales growth at Toyota, which sold 8.5 million vehicles last year, has come from its expansion into nontraditional segments, such as SUVs, pickup trucks and multipurpose vehicles, which are similar to minivans.

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Source: Top Speed