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VW City Golf, VW City Jetta: First impressions from Canada

VW City Golf, VW City Jetta
Here are the first impressions of the 2008 VW City Golf and the VW City Jetta from Canada.

The City Golf and Jetta have fulfilled their assignment and will keep doing so since they are as pleasant to drive as always. For 2008, VW is pushing the envelope by offering City models that are not only inexpensive but, more importantly, fun to drive.

Thus, forget about marketing stunts solely based on cheap prices. The new strategy of the City program is about “Taking a Joyride”, referring to the fun behind the wheel.

Drivers will be encouraged to make a joyful action (a dedicated Website will be created by November) and to share that joy with others. The company thereby hopes to develop a strong community of proud City drivers.

Young consumers between 20 and 30 years old, who are looking to buy their first car, will again be targeted and invited to join the great VW family. Let’s face it: you could do a lot worse than driving around in a City Golf or Jetta, two small vehicles that are well worth the price of admission.

VW City Golf, VW City Jetta

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Source: Auto123