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VW Eos: A new breed of convertible

VW Eos
We found an nice review of the VW Eos which is called a new breed of convertible.

The biggest drawbacks to convertible ownership used to be noise, weather sealing, theft protection and safety/crash protection. All are eliminated in the Eos with the CSC (coupe-sunroof-convertible) five-panel roof that converts with the flick of a switch from a hard-top, with integrated sunroof and heated-glass rear window, into an open-air convertible. Another benefit is that a hardtop will not shrink, crack or fade noticeably.

How it works
The Eos’ panoramic, tinted glass power sunroof is integrated into the folding roof. The externally guided, tilt-and-slide sunroof with automatic pinch protection gets “sandwiched” between roof panels as the hard-top is lowered via eight hydraulic cylinders with mechanical linkages. For about 25 seconds the top performs a mechanical ballet until it is completely lowered.

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Source: Search Chicago