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VW Jetta Fahrenheit GLI: Nice review

VW Jetta Fahrenheit GLI
We found a nice review of the VW Jetta Fahrenheit GLI. Enjoy!

The Fahrenheit GLI is one of five special VWs on the market this year. It’s a version of the Jetta GLI, and its bright yellow paint job is sure to generate instant love-it or hate-it reactions.

Get past the color, and the Fahrenheit has all the charm of the standard GLI — a compact car that serves up just enough driving enjoyment and premium features to justify its not-so-compact price.

Fahrenheit Extras
Volkswagen builds two Fahrenheit editions, one of the GLI sedan and another of the GTI hatchback. Both have custom paint: The GTI is Fahrenheit Orange, and the GLI is Imola Yellow. Based on its looks, I’d guess that Imola was German for “extreme, like the sun.” Actually, it refers to a Formula One grand prix race in Italy — something in which Volkswagen has no claim to fame. Go figure.

A Fahrenheit logo sits below the right taillight, and there’s another on the steering wheel, which also lets you know which of the 1,200 Fahrenheits you own. Other interior changes involve the color scheme. Imola Yellow lives on — it’s on the trim strips lining the dashboard and doors, as well as the leather stitching on the steering wheel, gearshift and parking brake.

Eighteen-inch wheels, optional on the regular GLI, are standard on the Fahrenheit.

VW Jetta Fahrenheit GLI

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