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VW Space up!: New concept unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

VW Space up!
VW has taken the wraps off the next concept based on the VW up!, the VW Space up!. Looks nice!

The “New Small Family” from Volkswagen is gaining speed on its journey to the future. Just six weeks after the world premiere of the up! – the two-door city specialist – Europe’s largest automobile producer is now introducing the second member of the “New Small Family” at the Tokyo Motor Show: The space up! concept car. “The world premiere of the up! at the IAA in Frankfurt served as an initial test to see how the concept of our New Small Family would be received in Europe. And the results of this test were more than favorable,” says Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Head of Technical Development. Volkswagen’s chief engineer continues: “The second member of this new family now follows in the space up!. The small van shows that we are consistently exploiting every millimeter of space and creating an emotional design.”

Walter de Silva, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen Group, underscores the assessment of the board member heading development: “In formal design terms, one can see that the space up! is fun and at the same time offers maximum space on the smallest of platforms. Our New Small Family brings a smile back to the road. An exceptionally amiable charisma unites the up! and the space up! now being presented in Tokyo. At the same time, it is apparent at first glance that despite all of the emotionality of this car we avoided superfluous gimmicks of any kind. This has created a very straight-lined and confident design.”

VW Space up!
VW Space up!

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Source: VWvortex