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VW up!: Considered for production

VW up!
Here’s another source saying that VW is considering the VW up! for production. Would be great, because it’s a nice small car and the VW Space up! looks definitely cool.

Top Volkswagen officials have been buoyed by the positive response to the innovative up! and space up! concept cars VW displayed at the Frankfurt and Tokyo auto shows this fall. But contrary to press reports suggesting they are all but certain to hit the road within the next three years, a decision to place them into production is still a while off, according to Volkswagen R&D Chief Ulrich Hackenburg.

Speaking to journalists last week in Tokyo at the unveiling of the space up!, Hackenburg said a definitive decision is three to four months off. VW will decide then whether to push ahead with a new family of entry-level models to replace the slow-selling Fox in Europe and create a new starting point for the Volkswagen brand in other countries, including possibly North America.

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Source: Inside Line