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VW up!: Leaked document reveals future plans

A leaked document revealed VW’s future plans with the VW up! and its rear-wheel drive platform. A must read, although nothing new to regular readers of The German Car Blog.

The document, which was made available to Automotive News Europe, revealed the carmaker’s desire to sell up to 4.16 million units over the car’s nine-year lifecycle and that an entire family of small cars will be developed.

Production is likely to kick off at Skoda’s Vrchlabi plant in the Czech Republic in September 2010 with 100,000 units expected to be sold under the VW label and an equal amount planned for sister brands Seat and Skoda. Officials are expecting an additional 262,000 units to be manufactured for Russia and India but these targets are said to be deliberately conservative. An inside source has revealed that VW CEO Martin Winterkorn is “setting achievable goals, since VW is venturing into new territory.”

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Source: Motor Authority