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Audi A1: First renderings of five door and cabrio version

Audi A1
The first artist’s impressions of the Audi A1 five door and cabrio version have surfaced. Nice! It’s a great car which will be a huge success for Audi.

These new renderings give us an accurate look at what to expect, revealing designers will be sticking to the lines of the concept car. Some of the elements that are unlikely to make it to production include the exposed aluminum arches, 18in alloys and LED headlights.

The car will be built on a new platform that will also spawn the next-gen VW Polo. Regular versions will be FWD but a low-volume performance model is also on the cards, which could get a quattro AWD set-up. The new platform also means the A1 will be available with VW Group’s new low-cost DSG with seven gears in total.

Engine options will range from a series of low capacity TSI and TDI units ranging from 1.4 to 2.0L, and a new mild hybrid model could also be offered. The design will use a small electric motor integrated into the drivetrain, which kicks in during high-load situations.

Audi A1

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Source: Motor Authority