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Audi A4: Hitting the right spots

Audi A4
According to the Telegraph the new Audi A4 hits all the right spots, especially compared to the competitors, and who are we to disagree.

Well, it certainly makes the right start because the entry-level 1.8 TFSI is £22,590, while its closest rival, the BMW 320i, is £23,715 and the Mercedes C180 Elegance costs £24,132. The A4 3.2 FSI also beats the nearest BMW and Mercedes on initial purchase price – and in the case of the over-priced Merc, the A4 beats it handsomely because it’s more than £4,000 cheaper. Astonishing.

It’s too early to predict whether Audi will also beat its two main rivals on running costs. But it’s fair to say the outgoing A4 was marginally cheaper to service over three years than the 3-series and C-class. And with the A4 2.0 TDI officially capable of 51.3mpg on average, BMW and Mercedes can’t compete on fuel economy and therefore lose out in that important area, too.

Amazingly, future resale values can already be spoken about with some authority. Not only is the motor trade bible, Glass’s Guide, predicting that 36-month-old A4s will hold their values better than 3-series and C-class models, but the respected CAP book is forecasting the same.

In summary, then, when put alongside the strongest opposition, the A4 is fresher, longer, wider, roomier, less thirsty and as (or more) powerful and aerodynamic. Also, it costs less to buy, will almost certainly cost less to run and will depreciate less than a 3-series or C-class, so all in all it makes more economic sense.

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Source: Telegraph, picture by Audi