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Audi A4: Hot and cool

Audi A4
Nice review here of the new Audi A4 from South Africa.

The mighty BMW and Mercedes-Benz empires will soon have a major and deeply uncomfortable problem on their hands. So will the weaker Jaguar, Volvo and Lexus – but with more pain.

In fact, all manufacturers of what can loosely be described as compact premium sedans are about to find themselves with a dilemma they could do without.

Audi is to blame. The firm from Ingolstadt at best torments and at worst traumatises rivals. It’s the company’s imminent A4 replacement that’s inflicting all the damage.

This is bad news for Audi’s competitors but don’t let that worry you. Much more important is that buyers in the market for a classy, R275 000-plus motor car will be ecstatic with the arrival of the latest Audi. And so they should be.

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