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Audi: A4 Hybrid confirmed in interview with Mr. Engine, Wolfgang Hatz

Wolfgang Hatz
Wolfgang Hatz is Audi’s Mr. Engine, so you better listen when he gives an interview. There’s always some interesting news: this time he confirmed the Audi A4 Hybrid!

How important is the new A4 for the Audi brand?
The A4 is the heart of Audi. If it doesn’t work, the company will die. It’s as simple as that.

Is it true that the architecture of the new A4 is already designed to accommodate a hybrid derivative?
At the Frankfurt auto show, we presented the VW/Audi modular longitudinal architecture (MLB). This allows hybrid technology to be used on all our cars with a longitudinal engine — A4, A6, A8 and Q5 [the forthcoming smaller SUV]. There will be a hybrid A4 in 2.5-3 years.

And there will also be a hybrid design for transverse-engine cars?
This was presented on the Volkswagen stand in Frankfurt. The hybrid technology will be combined with the Group’s dual-clutch gearbox. These hybrids will be able to run solely on electric power for a short period of time.

And hybrid SUVs?
Audi, VW and Porsche and will share a hybrid solution for their SUVs. This will be introduced with the next-generation Cayenne in about two-and-a-half years time. Rather than introduce it now, it’s better to wait for the next generation of cars, which will also feature a revised transmission technology.

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Source: Inside Line