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Audi A5: The world’s most beautiful coupe

Audi A5
No surprise to us, but now it’s official. The Audi has been awarded as the world’s most beautiful coupe. Congrats to Audi!

On Thursday November 8, 2007 at the Sforzesco Castle in Milan the International Jury for The World’s most Beautiful Automobile, now at its fifteenth edition, met to elect the best automobiles in the world year 2007.
Founded in 1993 by Bruno Alfieri, this Award – the only one in the world dedicated to the beauty of Design in Motion – has listed artists Pietro Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Heinz Mack and Joe Tilson, the architects Vico Magistretti and Massimo Vignelli, designer Roberto Sambonet and design engineer Carlo Chiti among its promoters. This year the International Jury, presided over by art critic Bruno Alfieri, is made up of artists Kenneth Noland and Emilio Rodríguez Larraín, architects Claudio Bellini and Enrico Leonardo Fagone, designer Bruno Sacco, art historian Lionello Puppi, automotive historian Antoine Prunet, of Fulvio Cinti the editor of “Auto & Design,” Xu Qun the editor of “Car and Driver China,” and of tester and journalist Alessandro Giudice.

1. Audi A5, 13 punti
2. BMW Serie 1 Coupé, 6 punti

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Source: Virtual Car, picture by Audi