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Audi A8L: Coming to China

Audi A8L
China is the fastest growing market for Audi, so it’s natural that they also want to drive the great Audi A8L.

FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., the flagship joint venture between China FAW Group Corporation and German Auto giant Volkswagen AG, launched Audi A6L, a car model equipped with 2.8L FSI engine, at the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition.

The venture’s Audi-branded cars showed a strong sales growth trend in 2007. Totally, more than 100,000 Audi-branded cars will be sold in the full year, according to a forecast.

82,868 such cars were sold in the first ten months of this year, including 6,433 imported cars. Of those imported cars, Audi A8 saw a 30 percent growth in sales.

Notably, China-made Audi A4 was still a major force in the domestic B-class car segment. The model reached sales of about 15,000 units during the period from January to October 2007, leaping 40 percent from the same period of a year earlier.

In addition, FAW-Volkswagen will this December launch Audi A8L sedans and introduce Audi R8 sports cars into China, the world’s second-largest automotive market.

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Source: Trading Markets