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Audi Q7: Large, Luxurious, Lovely

Audi Q7
Nice review here of the Audi Q7, Audi’s performance SUV.

The Q7 is a big vehicle that, not surprisingly, looks and feels big. It’s imposing and muscular, right from the big Audi schnoz and directional head lights to its sweeping, wraparound and power-operated tail gate. That doesn’t mean it drives like a bus, though. The Audi gets the job done with smoothness, comfort and competence.

And of course an Audi SUV wouldn’t be complete without the company’s famous quattro full time all wheel drive, a system that has been around for a quarter century. It can direct up to 65 per cent of the power to the front or up to 85 per cent to the rear wheels and if an axle starts to spin, the electronic different lock (EDL) applies the appropriate brake.

I didn’t take the Q7 into the wilds, but its performance on and off pavement was superb.

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Source: The Conservative Voice, picture by Audi