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Audi R8: Driving report

Audi R8
Here’s a nice driving report of the Audi R8. Fantastic car by the way which we also had the pleasure to drive for around 500km. Pure pleasure!

The most remarkable about this car is not the sheer power but the grip and speed through the corners. We haven’t had a chance to drive the R8 on dry surface but the grip must be phenomenal in perfect conditions. We were lucky to drive some of the rivals of the R8 over the year but no car is so easy to drive, especially in bad or changing weather conditions, as the Audi R8. No wonder Audi struggles to fulfill the demand for this car!

Last thing left to discuss are the looks. When we saw the first pictures of this car it didn’t impress us much, at the first carshow it appeared and we had a chance to see it for real it still didn’t impress us. But then there was this moment on the German autobahn on the way back from one of many business trips when suddenly an array of LEDs appeared in the rearview mirror, moments later it overtook us, suddenly showing the R8 in context, in it’s natural habitat, between the other cars on the German autobahn. In the rearview mirror the car looked very small, almost like a bullet, but from behind it’s aggressive and very wide like a proper supercar. Only then we realised the R8 is more then an Audi TT with some LEDs and a fat engine. Now that I’ve seen the Audi R8 a couple of times on the road and have had a chance to drive and play there’s only one more thing to say: ‘I want one!’

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Source: GT Spirit