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Audi R8: European Car’s Editors’ Choice winner

Audi R8
Another award for the fantastic Audi R8: European Car’s Editors’ Choice winner! Congrats.

inning european car’s 2008 Editors’ Choice award by a significant margin, the R8 distinguished itself among the european car staff as a completely viable supercar – a vehicle capable of getting groceries or going flat-out at LeMans.

“It’s rare to find a car like the R8, because it manages to bring supercar performance and styling to the point where it can be used every day,” said Les Bidrawn, european car’s editor. “We tend to ask a lot from our cars—we’re hard on them. The fact that the R8 stood up to our exhaustive tests speaks volumes about its fantastic technology and user-friendly ergonomics. I guess you could consider the R8 the world’s most reliable supercar… we like that.”

In addition to performance, the Editors’ Choice takes into account ergonomics, styling, user-friendliness and price. Also considered is the difficult-to-explain excitement that comes from a great car—basically, a ‘how does this car make you feel?’ gauge.

Obviously, the editors at european car feel the Audi R8 excelled across the board. “To be honest, this is the type of excellence we’ve come to expect from Audi,” added Bidrawn. “The company set the bar very high and managed to exceed it.”

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