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Audi R8: Life thrills

Audi R8
Jason from AudiWorld has wrote a great article about his most remarkable thrills in life and why the Audi R8 belongs to them. Make sure to read.

I do not have to justify or proclaim anything about the stunning Audi R8. Others have beat me to the punch on that front – for this automobile has already been justifiably (and universally) decreed as having turned the entire exotic supercar class upside down. It is THAT good and it is THAT fun and when everybody from the ever-excitable Jeremy Clarkson to the typically dour newspaper writers (and countless others in between) starts in with the crazygushingaccolades then people can and should feel with certainty that Audi has built something very, very special.

The Audi R8 is potent pleasure on wheels, a mid-engine, earth bound rocket ship that turns average drivers into certified racers and great drivers into transcendent freaks of nature behind the wheel.

The Audi R8. The glorious Audi R8 well deserves its spot on my life’s list. A full road test from Infineon Raceway and the area around Napa / Sonoma will follow, but based on my life’s history it appears I am now in a 7-10 year holding pattern for the next big thrill.

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Source: AudiWorld