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Audi R8: Winning with passion

Audi R8
A very nice review here of the Audi R8 including some comparison against other passion-less cars.

You could pick from a sleek touring coupe (Jaguar XKR at $126,000), a luxurious sedan with the latest green technology (Lexus LS 600h L hybrid at $132,000), a muscular German luxury sedan (Mercedes AMG 63, $157,200) and the gorgeous road rocket from Audi (R8 coupe, $170,700).

If passion rules, however, the car everybody here loves — Yours Truly included — is the Audi R8, a mid-engined, 420-horsepower sports car that gets the adrenaline pumping before it’s even started.

It’s so refined and so responsive yet so easy to drive — who cares if there are only seats for two and minimal trunk space?

It’s truly a car to covet.

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Source: Driving.ca, picture by Audi