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Audi S4: Forced induction will return in next-generation S4

Audi S4
For the Audi AS B8 forced induction will return.

A big V8 is too grand touring, and befitting of a coupe like the S5. What of the driver who longs for the tuning potential of an STi or an EVO but wants something more refined? For these people, Audi has heard your call. The next generation B8 S4 has already begun its gratuitous Nurburgring testing and we have it on extremely reliable word that a forced induction six beats under the car’s contoured hood.

How much power can we expect from the new S4? One source says it’ll be slightly more than that of the BMW 335, conservatively rated at 300 hp. The BMW’s motor is obviously the target, though Audi is expected to go a bit higher in order to make up for the added weight and friction losses of all-wheel drive.

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Source: Fourtitude