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Audi S5: An incredible lightness of being

Audi S5
To make it short, the editors of the LA Times are in love with the Audi S5. And they are damn right!

The S5 — the performance variant of the A5 Coupe, with an extra 89 horsepower in the snout — is another in a lengthening line of Ingolstadt’s products that deliver crazy-great performance with a refinement and absence of stiction that makes them feel like they are lubricated with angels’ tears. Or the fatty renderings of an enchanted ermine from some Russian folk tale. Or Astroglide. Whatever it is, these cars’ moving parts seem to commune in a way that has banished friction to the dustbin of physics.

This quality — which manifests itself as smoothness in operation, and absence of noise and vibration — is even more notable because the S5 has so darn many moving parts.

I could go on like this since the whole car (switch gear, doors, brakes) feels as if it were dipped in hot-buttered sin. But what I remember best from my time in the S5 ($50,500 base price) is its immaculate steering and handling. What a wonderful car to flog!

Perhaps the slickest bit of lubrication on the S5 is its shape. With the merciless technical beauty of that face, with the big chrome-streaked grille and the trapazoidal bumper intakes, the car should not cut through the air as easily, or quietly, as it does (wind noise in the cabin is barely there).

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Source: LA Times, picture by Audi