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Audi S5: Building a better Squarebird

We found a very interesting review of the Audi S5. Make sure to read and also watch the video.

Luckily, Audi has shown itself to be remarkably courageous of late. Its recent new products have all been suitably daring, ranging from the who’s-going-to-buy-a-forty-thousand-dollar-hatchback A3 to the Lamborghini-as-imagined-by-Ludwig-Mies-van-der-Rohe aluminum R8 supercar. If anybody could bring a proper personal luxury coupe to market, Audi could do it – and with the new S5, they certainly have done so.

It’s really a secret weapon of sorts, having no direct competition in the American market. The Mercedes CLK550, the only other car with a similar price and mission, is smaller inside, neglects to offer a manual transmission or all-wheel-drive, and rides on an ancient, creaky platform. BMW fans might point out that the 335i is just as rapid as the S5, but this comparison neglects the sheer pleasure to be had from the V8 and the upscale pleasantries of the Audi’s interior.

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Source: Dubspeed Driven