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Audi: Showing Audi TTS and Audi R8-based concept car at Detroit Motor Show

Audi will be the star of the Detroit Motor Show with a planned Audi TTS, which is also already confirmed for the US, and an Audi R8-based concept car. Great news!

R8-Based Concept Car
Piecing together bits and pieces we’ve heard from often-in-the-know mouths at Audi, we hear they plan a concept car and believe it will be based on the R8. Rumors of V10s and convertible or targa roofs have circled around the R8 since it was first shown, and we suspect the concept will probably be a convertible, a V10 or maybe even both.

Preproduction test mules of the upcoming TTS have been seen rounding the Nurburgring weeks ago, while just this week, two more undisguised red examples were photographed behind a chain link fence at an Audi facility in Germany. We know the TTS is coming, and now we know when.

Word is, the TTS drops in Motown as a full production model. Even better, we are happy to confirm that the car will be sold in North America.


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Source: Fourtitude