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Audi TT, Audi A3, Audi R8: Standard audio jack coming in week 43

audio jack
Rumor has it that Audi will put a standard audio jack into the Audi TT, the Audi A3 and the Audi R8. Sounds nice, although we prefer the Audi Music Interface, the best integration on the market.

We have it on good word from Audi product planning that standard audio jacks are coming. Basically, with the exception of the remaining B7 production, these are the cars in the Audi lineup that don’t have Audi Music Interface applications, and those iPod integration kits that are out there offer limited playlist choices and often deactivation of any CD changer. Fortunately for those buying cars built after week 43, there will be a standard audio input jack. Yes, you will have to navigate your MP3 device, portable satellite radio device, etc. outside of the head unit, but those of us into music will definitely welcome the addition. It’s a simple piece of equipment, and we couldn’t be happier Audi is adding it to the mix.

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Source: Fourtitude