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Audi TT: Fugly Audi R8-style mod

Audi TT
We said it earlier and we say it again, the Audi TT is a beautiful car and there is no need to artifically transform it into an Audi R8.

If you fancy getting the R8 look for your boggo TT, Yorkshire-based “tuner” Niche will bolt on this look-alike bodykit, lower the suspension and fit some spangly exhaust tips for a mere £7,951(!).

Quattro owners get a bit of a bargain, as the upgrades will only set you back £7,051 on top of your TT’s sticker price.

Fret not, those who are reverse gear-challenged, for your parking sensors will work just fine when peeking out through the rear bumper vents.

Niche seems to know that the TT is perhaps for the driver who demands a little more show than go, as performance upgrades will cost you an extra £1,950 for the 2.0-litre and a round £2,500 for the 3.2.

Audi TT

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Source: Autoblog.it