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Audi TT S: More information

Audi TT S
We found some more information about the upcoming Audi TT S.

Although Audi denies it is planning to build an RS version of its small coupé, our spy photographers claim that this car’s exhaust note was virtually identical to the roar of the 414bhp V8 in the RS4 saloon. And if you look closely at the rear bumper in our pictures, you will see the TT has similar large oval tailpipes, too.

Only last week, our spies caught Audi’s engineers putting the sporty new S version of the TT through its paces. It uses a 2.0-litre turbocharged unit tuned to about 276bhp, and would sit below the V8-powered RS in the range.

However, both models have a similar S line front bumper, which features two huge air intakes either side of the trademark Audi grille. Smart LED daytime running lamps, similar to those fitted to the R8 super­car, provide a distinctive look. Mean­while, at the back, the hot new TT features a diffuser-style bumper for improved aerodynamics.

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Source: Auto Express