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Bentley Continental GTC: Review

Bentley Continental GTC
The lucky guys from Autoblog have a Bentley Continental GTC in their garage. Check their verdict here.

Gaudy. Overstyled. Ostentatious. Attention-hungry. These are words that can be used to describe any number of high-end, six-figure automobiles with pedigreed names and gobs of power. Often, those credentials are accompanied by trademark styling that ranges from the merely adventurous to the outright extreme. That particular branch of motoring is not ideal for everyone, however. Some prefer elegance to envelope pushing; understatement to “Look at me!” Thankfully, elegance and power are not mutually exclusive. Bentley, you see, has just about perfected the art of merging the two. Tastefully beautiful, the Bentley Continental GTC draws as many stares as cars designed to be attention magnets. With 6.0 liters, 12 cylinders, and 552 twin-turbocharged horses underhood, it’s no shrinking violet, either. That’s the best part, you see. When asked, the Bentley sizes up all comers, and then it blows their doors off — with panache.

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Source: Autoblog