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Bentley Continental: Wallpapers for your desktop pleasure of the Mansory Bentley Continental GT & GTC

Mansory Bentley Continental GT & GTC
Here are some more nice wallpapers for you to download, this time of the Mansory Bentley Continental GT & GTC. Enjoy!

The British Grand Tourism and Convertible are equipped with the MANSORY front spoiler, integrated are state of the art permanent daylights (alternative cornering lights) bordered with sword design elements carried through to the fully chromed air intake grilles which add a striking effect. All MANSORY spoiler equipment is so manufactured that no additional mounting or fitting points need to be drilled, utilizing all existing mounting points for simple installation.

The MANSORY redesigned side skirts gives the Coupe and the Convertible a longer sleeker appearance and the fully chromed embellishment in stainless steel the exclusive touch. The complete redesigned rear skirt incorporates MANSORY’s quad chromium plated stainless steel exclusive over and under exhaust tips, which makes an extreme statement of performance and speed coupled with a dominating sound regarding the tuning capacity.

The standard production performance level can be improved using MANSORY’s electronic engineering package which increases the output to 621 bhp, 630 PS, 463kW.The modified ECU gives your Bentley Continental, for example the GT, performance figures of 0 – 62 mph respectively 0 – 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds going on to a top speed in excess of 203 mph or 327 km/h evolving in a gigantic peak torque of 750 Nm / 553 lb ft by only 1,600 rpm.

Also new the very discreet redesigned rear spoiler adapted to the pneumatic series spoiler, for the Convertible designed elegant to the trunk shape.

Mansory Bentley Continental GT & GTC
Mansory Bentley Continental GT & GTC

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