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Lamborghini Reventón: Art-house coupe

Lamborghini Reventón
Nice driving report here of Lamborghini’s rolling sculpture, the Lamborghini Reventón. Enjoy!

The $1.4 million Reventón–Lamborghini’s 641-hp, V12-powered, carbon-bodied Frankfurt motor show star–has a presence so physically overwhelming that it makes people do things they ordinarily would never do.

Still, the Reventón is seriously, dangerously fast. It’s the ultimate he-man car, and to squeeze mid-corner speed out of a Reventón, you will need to invest more risk, concentration and commitment than in any other mainstream sports car (apart from the LP640), not in itself a bad thing.

Like the rest of the car, its engine never hides its direct threats of violence. There is no pretense here, and you should pause every time before firing it up, because you know the two of you are about to arm-wrestle over who’s boss.

The redesign isn’t purely exterior. Inside, the Alcantara-trimmed seats are specific to this car, built around the sportier of Lamborghini’s two-seat options and so narrow that your hips start aching in about 30 minutes. The dashboard gets your attention: If you don’t like the chunky, military typeface of the round digital dials, you can push a button and change to something that looks like two runways.

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Source: Autoweek