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Lamborghini Reventon: First drive report and great picture gallery

Lamborghini Reventon
We found a driving report with Lamborghini’s $1.4-plus million Reventon and they also have a nice picture gallery.

There is no starter button, so give the key a twist and the engine erupts after a brief starter-motor whirr. The tach’s two needles come to life, dancing up and down with each blip of the throttle. Tug the upshift paddle to engage first (the Reventon will only come with E-gear), and thanks to the accelerator’s long travel, the pedal requires a good prod to get this handmade Lambo underway.

Visibility is expansive out front, more limited to the sides and rear. Heads turn wherever you go, everyone barely casting a passing glance at the bright green LP640 chase car, before returning their unwavering gaze to the star of the day.

Lamborghini Reventon

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Source: Motor Trend