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Porsche 911 RS: Nice Vintage mod available!

Porsche 911 RS
If you love Vintage Porsche, then this is a must see.

Vintage 911RS. So rare and prohibitively expensive these iconic Porsche models have become today, ownership is nearly unfathomable. Or is it?

If your heart truly yearns for a 1973 911RS, Paul Stephens, owner of PS Autoart, from Suffolk could be the man to make your dreams reality.

A Porsche specialist and former racer himself, Stephens has the uncanny ability to fashion vintage 911S and RS look-alikes from more contemporary Porsche platforms.

Primarily using the ‘964’ platform, compromising 911 models from the 1989-1993 production run, Stephens sets about a bespoke customising job of epic proportions.

To ensure an authentic 911RS look Stephens has to fabricate a longer aluminium bonnet himself and stretch the front wings to accommodate the characteristic old-style front indicator assembly.

He creates his own front and rear bumpers and of course there is the obligatory ‘ducktail’ rear spoiler. Exterior detailing is meticulous and those chrome finished window frames, side-mirrors and door-handles are simply achingly beautiful.

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Source: Wheels24