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Porsche 911 SL Clubsport: Track test

Porsche 911 SL Clubsport
Here’s a track test with the Porsche 911 SL Clubsport, a special Porsche designed by Porsche specialist Sean Lockyear.

What is it?

A vision of the ultimate old school 911, the SL Clubsport has been put together by Porsche specialist Sean Lockyear. For the price of a new Cayman S, Lockyear will supply you with a built-to-spec retro 911 put together with all-new parts and set up to be the ultimate toy for trackdays or Sunday blasts. The idea is to offer the classic old school 911 experience in a package that’s reliable, easy to work on and much more involving to drive than any modern Porsche could hope to be. Weighing just over 900kg and with 270bhp it has the ability to make even a GT3 RS feel a bit dull and lifeless in comparison.

What’s it like to live with?

In a word, thrilling. A car like this is the antidote to the monotony of modern motoring. And for something ready to hit the racetrack and fully set up for historic racing or rallying it’s actually not entirely unsuitable for driving on the road. Lockyear has kept the traditional torsion beam suspension – albeit uprated with new Bilstein dampers and competition bushings – so the ride is actually rather civilised. And while the controls all have their own eccentricities like any 911 it’s a car that shrinks to fit. And the fact it uses parts from established suppliers means any half competent Porsche specialist should be able to service it with no problems at all.

Porsche 911 SL Clubsport

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Source: MSN Cars