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Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder: Special model unveiled at Bologna Motor Show

Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder
In a surprising move Porsche has unveiled a very special model at the Bologna Motor Show: the Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder.

Porsche is launching a new edition of the Boxster, the RS60 Spyder, that is intended to evoke memories of the Type 718 RS60 Spyder endurance racer of the early 1960s. It is slated for U.S. sale starting in the spring following a 2008 New York Auto Show debut in March.

But first, the modern-day Spyder is having its international unveiling at the Bologna auto show, which opens December 5. Worldwide deliveries begin in March, with prices in Europe starting at $79,500. The price in the U.S, Porsche says, will be $64,900. Porsche says it will build only 1,960 copies, to mark the original racing car’s victory at Sebring 47 years ago. Of those, “fewer than 800” are slated for U.S. sale.

Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder

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Source: Inside Line