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The German Car TV: Our next time-waster for you

The German Car TV
2.5 years ago we have started The German Car Blog with the one goal to become a one-stop shop for news and opinion about Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, VW and Porsche, because it was simply a mess to keep track with all the news about our favorite brands.

Today, about 5700 (!) posts later (all carefully hand-selected by the way), The German Car Blog is established as the no. 1 resource in this niche and we are quite proud of that.

But in the meantime the internet has evolved. In the last few years, all of the mentioned brands have published many great videos and some of the best are even user-generated by car enthusiasts like you and me. We want to pay tribute to that and will start the next stage as of today. Again with one simple goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible and at the same time as most entertaining as possible for you to follow your beloved car brands.

We are very happy to announce the launch of The German Car TV, our next time-waster, to you.

You can watch the best videos of great German cars, rate them, write your comments and even share your videos or the videos you have found with us and all the other readers. It’s dead simple.

And now, enough words. Time to watch some TV, a small selection can be found below, but please make sure to check the full channel. Enjoy!

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