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Volkswagen, Porsche: Hans Joachim Stuck to become Motorsport representative for the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen, Porsche
As a long-time reader you knew this already, but now we have the official press release.

Hans-Joachim Stuck has been appointed Motorsport Representative for the Volkswagen Group with effect from January 2008.

Stuck’s cross-brand activities include advising the Board of Management on motorsport issues as well as working on the strategic development of new motorsport opportunities for the Group brands. Furthermore, Struck will support motorsport communications and act as the Group representative vis-á-vis motorsport associations, at motorsport events and classic car events.

“Strietzel” Stuck (56) is one of the most well-known German racing drivers and an acknowledged motorsport expert. His new post brings him back into contact with a company he worked with in the ’90s. Stuck won the DTM in an Audi V8 in 1990.

Stuck reports direct to Stephan Grühsem, General Representative of Volkswagen AG and Head of Group Communications, External Relations and Investor Relations.

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Source: Fourtitude