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VW Beetle: 1965 bug wins over Porsche 911 at drag race

VW Beetle

Ok, this video is a must see! Watch how a 1965 VW Beetle is beating a Porsche 911 in a drag race. Hilarious!

In what would seem to be a page out of Herbie’s adventures, a 1965 Beetle challenged a Porsche 997 and beat it to the punch. The driver of the battered looking gold colored Beetle asked the Porsche’s driver to race him, a challenge gladly accepted.

The cars raced on the drag strip at Santa Pod, to see the Porsche being humbled by the bug. The beetle ran through the strip in 11.04 seconds with a terminal speed of 129.77 mph while the Porsche clocked 13.18 seconds at a terminal speed of 113.03mph.

An ordinary bug obviously cannot beat down a Porsche, this one was packed with a 2276cc engine with a 650cfm Holley and Turbo Dynamics reconditioned draw through turbo set up.

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Source: Auto Motto, The German Car TV