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VW Caddy Maxi: New model published

VW Caddy Maxi
VW has published a new model of its Caddy line-up the VW Caddy Maxi.

This Maxi model, as the name suggests, is a lengthened version, 18.5 inches longer than the standard model. In fact, at 192.1 inches long and with two sliding doors, it can offer serious competition in the minibus category.

A gasoline and two turbodiesel engines are available. The Caddy Maxi can haul 1,763 pounds of cargo on an 88.6-inch-long load floor, which can be extended to 118.1 inches by folding the rear seats.

The Caddy Maxi Life is already on sale in Western Germany, and the commercial version will arrive in early 2008.

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Source: Inside Line