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VW Jetta GLI Fahrenheit: Reviewed!

VW Jetta GLI Fahrenheit
We found an interesting review of the VW Jetta GLI Fahrenheit.

It’s hard not to pay attention to this sexy VW built in Puebla, Mexico – an eye catcher for sure. Folks used to joke about the bright red color used by Porsche being called Arrest-Me Red. Well, we might call this color Arrest-Me Yellow. It couldn’t get much brighter, VW calls it Imola Yellow.

The Fahrenheit edition is one of four special limited edition models of Golf, Jetta and Beetle used by the fun folks at VW this year to stimulate sales: a Wolfsburg Edition Jetta, Fahernheit GTI and GLI and a Triple-White Beetle Convertible. Each is a limited edition with special badging and a bit of extra content. Our test Fahrenheit GLI is number 197 of 1200 verified by the imprint on the steering wheel.

The Teutonic tricksters at VW have done an admirable job of taking the “pocket rocket” genre, which they created with the original GTI, from crude little economy car with hot performance to a sophisticated, modern performance sport sedan at a price that puts them in most buyers’ ball parks.

I could easily live with this one.

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Source: The Auto Channel