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VW: Launch of diesels in the US delayed to 2008

It seems like VW has to delay the launch of their new diesels in the US to late summer 2008.

In a note to dealers (see link below), evp Adrian Hallmark told dealers that the Jetta TDI sedan and wagon would not be introduced in April due to “a technical issue that was found during the later stages of durability testing.”

“As disappointing as this is for all concerned, our first priority is to ensure that the integrity and quality of the new technology is not compromised, so as to maintain a trouble-free launch,” Hallmark said in the memo.

To address the potential sales shortfall, Hallmark said the automaker was considering a number of options, including “obtaining additional production of high-demand product, ramping up the launch production, and speeding up shipment times of the new TDI, bringing in special edition cars, etc.”

VW rep Keith Price said that the issue stemmed from its downstream exhaust system.

“From a quality standpoint, this has to be perfect,” Price said. “And therein lies the rub. We are covering new ground with this car, this is not a configuration. We are appeasing strict standards.”

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Source: Brandweek